Watch out Heidi! Here comes Evie!

This past June I took my daughter and her two girls to Huntsville, AL for a photo shoot with Sew Beautiful magazine. Evie was going to be photographed in her Flower Girl dress I had made her for her parent’s wedding, on the beach in Florida. While we were there the girls were asked if they would like to model a few other garments. Kathy, the editor, had a beautiful baby dedication gown and matching big sister dress that had been made by Kathy Farmer. Evie and Georgiana were the perfect size for them. Of course, Evie was very willing to help out and quickly fell into the modeling role! By the time we were finished she was giving the heads up to the crew with phrases like, “Ok girls, I am ready! Take my picture!” We had a blast! It was a very exciting day! The issue comes out this month, but if you would like to preview the girls in their matching dresses, here is a link-

Drop by and take a look at the beautiful handiwork!

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