About Me!

I love to sew and garden and cook and weave baskets!  I learned to knit and crochet when I was about seven or eight, from my Dad’s aunt, who had immigrated from Scotland.  She was the neatest lady and I loved to go spend the night with her.  I would stay on Saturday night and we would go to church on Sunday and then out to eat after church at this wonderful restaurant that was in a historic house! Then we would knit and crochet, I did potholders while she knit me Barbie clothes! Wow! And we would take lots of breaks to have tea on the original Fiestaware, with Walkers shortbread. Tea is a big thing with the Scots, my Grandma Ruby and I would have tea too! We had real tea parties without even having to dress up!

I learned to sew by watching my Mom-she was an expert seamstress and made tons of my clothes and my dolls clothes and crafted all sorts of things.  I finally got to the sewing machine when I was in fifth grade.  My parents were on a trip to New Orleans and my grandma was babysitting, I bugged her to let me use the sewing machine. She said “NO” but I would not give up!  I remember telling her my mom would let me, which I am sure she knew was a huge lie! Anyway, I think I just wore her down because I would not give up, I knew my mom would not let me touch that machine and I thought somehow I would be able to do it if my mom was gone.  You know, I knew my mom would find out but I do not even remember thinking about how I would get out of that mess!  All I could think of was how to get at the sewing machine!!  Finally she said OK, I think she just figured my mom could take care of it when she got home and for the time being it would shut me up!  I made a “Maxi” skirt, which was the fashion at the time!  It was white and red polka dot fabric with strawberries on it! I wore it to school and the teacher was so proud of me, she let me hand out papers all day so everyone could see my skirt!  It was very long and very narrow and it took small steps to be able to walk in it!! I remember by the end of the day I had rolled it up to my thighs so I could run!  Thinking back on it, it reminds me of something Junie B. Jones would do!!

All that said, by the time I got to high school I was sewing for all the Home Ec. teachers!  I would sign out at lunch and go to the Home Ec. room and work on all the teachers’ sewing!  I did all their mending, made their clothes and their grand children’s clothes! I loved it! Then I had daughters and grandsugars to sew for, Now I sew for everyone!