Christmas House Tour!

This Saturday is the Library Christmas House Tour! It is a local fundraiser and it is great to get you really in that Christmas mood! We are looking forward to seeing all the beautiful houses all decorated for the season, then we are going to do ours! Usually we do it the day after Thanksgiving but this year we were too busy! Everyone took off for shopping and I got to keep the two grandbabies. I am really excited to get at it this weekend though. Last year we went after Christmas shopping and I bought all new lights and new blue ornaments (I loved them and everyone else booed them!) so it will be very different this year!  In the past I have used lots of pink and lacy things so I am really looking forward to all the new color. I wish I had one of those vintage silver trees, my grandmother had one when I was a child and I loved it! My mom hated it, I guess it was one of the few things she did away with after my grandma passed. It would be great with the blue ornaments. Well the house tour will give me lots of great new ideas too. It will be a good weekend! Maybe I will even try a new cookie recipe! My daughter gave me a new one she had tried and said it was great, if it is I will post a link and you can try it too!

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