New Toys!

During a weekend trip to St. Louis to visit my brother, I picked up some great new toys! They are Kari Mecca’s “Whimsy Sticks”. They are great for making beautiful ribbon roses and ribbon trims! They are also great for drafting flounces and scallops for the hems of the grandsugars cutsie dresses. Kari has a great website with lots of free things and great ideas! She is one of the most creative people! And she is a wonderful teacher too! (I took a few classes with her at Martha Pullen’s School of Art Fashion) She is just one of the most relaxed teachers and so full of ‘whimsy’! You should drop over and check out her website, she has so many cute things! Here is a picture of some of her patterns sewn up into the cutest little girls outfits-

Kari Mecca Designs

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